Hello! My name is Samuel and I'm a friendly and passionate wedding, events, and travel photographer based in London. Regardless of what event or scenario I find myself working in I am fully committed to achieving excellence and beauty in my photographic work (as well as usually having a great time!). 

Since as long as I can remember photography has been a passion first, and a job second. Although admittedly it was wildlife photography that initially took my attention - after spending 9 hours in a puddle in Ireland trying to photograph a sparrow I turned my passion to other photographic avenues!

Since the age of 16 I therefore started photographing weddings, events, and any place I would visit or travel to (often to the dismay of my travel companions!). My resulting photographic style is typically natural and documentary, aiming to fully recreate the emotions and memories of the scenario I find myself in. After countless events and adventures my camera (Cecily) and I have now become a formidable team! 

Outside of photography I just received my  masters in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, and am now living and working in London. If you want to learn more about who I am and what I do then it would be lovely to hear from you!


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